My Life’s Story in the Auto Repair Business

My Life’s Story in the Auto Repair Business

Working in the auto repair business my whole life has gifted me several funny stories. I would like to start with two stories dating back to when I first started in this line of work. I hope these stories can give some insight about how far cars have come since then.

Back in the 1970’s we had to deal with water leaks inside the cars just because this was how they were built. All of us had a can of seam sealer in our tool box. One of the guys in the shop was checking a van for a water leak. As he was checking for the leak, he thought the rear door handle of the van was the perfect place to loop the hose up onto the roof of the car. The van was parked in the middle of the shop over a drain. Another mechanic wanted to get on his lift so he started blowing his horn. The mechanic checking for the leak got pissed off, started up his van and drove out of the shop… never removing the hose from the rear door.

All the mechanics in the shop started yelling and watching in disbelief. All of a sudden, you can hear the noise from the copper pipe brackets popping off the walls as he was ripping the plumbing out of the building and dragging it out onto the main street - neverminded the water shooting out of the bathroom! The service manager stood there in shock but even he started to laugh. When the mechanic came back, he got out of the van and said, “At least we didn’t lose the hose!” He stopped to put the hose in the back of the van with at least 25 feet of copper pipe.

On to the second story… Chevrolet made a car called the Monte Carlo. It was a large two-door car, each door was huge. One day, I got a ticket that said a customer was complaining about a banging noise whenever he would break and then accelerate. I took the car on a road test and started to hear the noise he was talking about. I came back to the shop and took the door panel off and sure enough, I found an air ratchet with the whip hose still attached! I guess the guy in the assembly was having a bad day and said screw it - leave the ratchet in the door.

From water leaks to air ratchets attached to whip hoses, you can see how cars have come a long way. Back then it wasn’t a good idea to stand behind a running car because the fumes were so strong and nasty. Our smart engineers of today have built very safe and clean running vehicles that have no emissions coming out of the tailpipe. It’s taken many years to get where we are today with the cars we drive everyday. If we can help people upgrade from their older cars to newer gasoline powered cars and give the electric car market more time, we can start to build a clean environment and make a difference. I am all in on saving our planet as I have a four year old granddaughter and many family members with young children.

I started Gas and Oil Tees to remind people about how our great country, and the world for that matter, has developed. Don’t forget how important gas and oil are to our people and their everyday lives! - Scotty